HProps Ghostbusters Sounds!

The best quality this side of Columbia Studios!


Each file is taken from digital DVD audio (where possible) and re-mastered and/or augmented by computer synthesis.


Proton Pack

1.       Pack Startup. (102 KB)

Starts with the Sedgewick Elevator “switch me on” then crossfades into computer-generated tones that match the pitch and rumble of the fully running Pack.  Basically eliminates the shuffling sounds of the guys as they back away from Egon.

2.       Pack Stop. (36 KB)

Totally digital synthesized reproduction of the pack shutdown tones.  Compare to what you hear when they shoot the maid, and just before “Nice Shootin’, Tex!”

3.       Nutrona Wand. (96 KB)

Starts with Ray shooting Slimer (can slightly hear dishes clanking), then converts to a loop of firing noise, varying each time in speed & pitch to avoid sounding like a loop.  Then the “Pack Stop” tones fade in and ramp down as the firing sound loop stops.  Basically gives you a 4-second Nutrona burst from start to finish.

4.       Nutrona Wand(NEW!). (204 KB)

Starts with same “Ray/Slimer” initial firing burst, then goes to new 100% clean track of stream sound from RGB episode ”Ain’t NASA-sarily So,” and finishes with new smoother sine ramps for power-down.  Big improvement, no background noise or music! 




1.       Siren, one cycle. (25 KB)

Just what it says.  One pristine cycle of the Ecto Siren, play it on “repeat” (loop) and you’re golden.

2.       Siren, 30 Secs. (483 KB)

The Ecto Siren pre-looped for 30 seconds, for your convenience (grin).

3.       Siren, Start and run 30 secs. (496 KB)

The characteristic (if technically incorrect) “ramp up” start of the siren as heard in GB, followed by 30 seconds of looped full-speed siren.

4.       Siren, 30 secs and then Stop. (494 KB)

The other half of the equation – 30 seconds of looped siren which then “ramps down” on the last yelp.

5.       Ectomobile Start and Depart. (65 KB)

Just for fun, this is file #3 processed with increasing reverb and fade-out to sound like she’s driving away.

6.       Ectomobile Arrive and Stop. (41 KB)

Reverse of #5: File #4 processed with fade-in and decreasing reverb as if the car is arriving on the scene.